Everything you need to make your office cosy and find your inspiration

The Spaces

We have a variety of spaces to give you flexibility. Including a meeting room you can hire for client meetings, open spaces like our lounge area for you to chill and work from as well as a fully stocked kitchen.

Coworking Space Mt Lawley

Coworking Desks

Our shared desk area where part time coworking members and hot deskers find their rhythm.


Kitchen & Lounge

Large dining table and high bar area abutts our fully stocked kitchen and communal stationery bar. Or hang out in our cosy leopard print lounge area.



Our 8 person boardroom fully equipped with AV facilities can be hired to entertain your clients in a professional setting.

Each membership comes
with many inclusions

With all the creature comforts of a regular office including plenty of stationery, simply bring your laptop and get settled in.

24/7 Secure Access

Permanent desk members receive 24/7 access security passes and a smartphone app.

Meeting Room

Meeting room facilities to hire for your business meetings, or open space couches for a more casual chat

Free Printing & Scanning

Unlimited A4 printing! Although we do promote active sustainability choices in the hub, and ask always before you print – is it necessary?

High Speed WiFi

Our Perth Coworking Space provides free reliable, high-speed NBN Fibre wireless internet.

Free Snacks & Coffee

A modern kitchen that will always have a range of tea, coffee, fruit, snacks and more and a fridge for your lunch

Mail Delivery

Use our Business Address for your mail and utilise our Incoming Mail Service and daily postal runs

Pet Friendly

Options to bring your pet into the office for permanent members with a dedicated desk zone

Showers & Amenities

Single person lockable showers & amenities, essential after that run to work or the lunchtime HIIT or pilates session.

Discounts & Perks

Discounts and special offers from local restaurants, retail stores and businesses

Community Vibe

Meet your neighbours, other business owners and explore a space that encourages creative thinking, reduced business stress and a relaxed environment

Flexible Workspaces

Flexible seating in tranquil, creative spaces suitable for employees working from home, freelancers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, start-ups and students.

Biophilic Design

Work and social spaces filled with plants, living systems and natural light to support your mental health and well-being.

Online Platform

Connect with other members, share resources and establish meaningful relationships and business connections on our digital platform.

Event Program

Participate in nightly after-hours workshops, performances, startup events, speaker series, community dinners and more.

Bright, Natural Light

Take in natural light and your surroundings through big windows that actually open! Fresh air and air flow will keep you feeling invigorated.

Coworking Perth

Space to make your
greatest impact.

Ready to tour our space, or try out our space for a day for free? Contact our friendly team to find out how our flexible options are built to help you do your best work.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Soto Co Community Hub is designed to meet the needs of its members. That said there are lots of things you might want to know before signing on.

When you join a coworking space, you work independently with flexibility at your computer, either on shared desks in an open plan office or in private offices. Though you conduct your own business, you sometimes collaborate with other members on specific projects. In sharing the space, you benefit from the exchange of ideas and skills through networking with differing different industry sectors. You build meaningful relationships, exchange knowledge and share skills rather than working in isolation.

Our space has different seating options based on whether you sign up to a friends (casual) or family (permanent) membership. Permanent desk spaces are available and mean you can leave all your stuff in the office like screens, cables and everything you would usually keep at your workspace.
Casual members take their belongings with them each day, as they do not have a set desk, and will sit wherever is available on the day.
All members can utilise the lounges, breakout spaces and the communal areas as required.

Reception facilities are available 9:00am – 5:00pm – which is the same hours available to casual members. Family / permanent desk space members can use the office at any time. All members have a secure entry card.

Yes, for a quick casual meeting there is open space / lounges for you to sit and chat with a client or other members, you just need to be mindful that others will be able to hear your conversation.
There is also a Boardroom available for hire. Permanent members receive an allocation of meeting room credits and part time members can book the boardroom for a nominal fee of $45 + GST Per hour. This is a glass boardroom and can accommodate up to 8 people. We are also surrounded by fantastic cafes, restaurants and venues in Mount Lawley, so you can always choose to have coffee meetings locally (a great excuse to stretch your legs and get your steps up!).

Day passes are $45 (+GST) and grant you access to the Soto Co space from Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm. It’s here you’re able to work from any of the common areas and use our guest WiFi network while using a day pass.

Some of the facilities and amenities we have are as follows: collaboration areas, kitchens stocked with tea and coffee, 24/7 access and security, mail handling, IT, reception and business support services, printing, end-of-trip facilities and more.

Soto Co is a humble team of strategy and marketing professionals, bringing together diverse groups of freelancers, remote workers, small businesses, large corporations and other independent professionals in a unique shared office environment in the heart of Mount Lawley, WA.
We picked this location, because not everyone wants to work in the Perth CBD. Not everyone can afford a private, locked office in a coworking space (they’re bloody expensive!) but you may still want some privacy. We created our leafy green desk pods to be semi private, so you still get the benefit of being in open space, but what do you on your screen and your desk is your business. Create your own zen zone.
We have everything you need & want under one roof.

We offer multiple tiers of membership:
Private Desk Pods – Single Desk
Private Desk Pods – Multi Desks (good for small teams)
Hot Desks for part time memberships and occasional drop ins

The simplest no commitment option is a day pass. A day pass is $45 per day and you can register online.
You can sign up for a community membership, which gives you 2 days per month access to the space for only $50 per month. Already much better value than individual day passes, and you get access to our online community, the amazing range of perks and you get your own business listing (if you so wish).

For other options - Explore our memberships to see what suits you best

Yes! Yes, they are! We have invested in beautiful, indoor plants for aesthetics and air purification. We have professionals come and take care of the plants, so you don't have to worry about taking care of them, watering them or them dying (unlike when some of us have indoor plants at home!)

Tours or a trial day must be scheduled in advance. Simply complete an online enquiry form here, give our Community team a call on 08 6478 1813 or email us at hello@sotogroup.co

We work a little differently to most spaces. One of the cool things about Soto Co is that you can sign up for a rolling monthly package so you’re not locked into anything long-term if you don’t want to be.

For part-time members you can change your package up or down utilising your member platform as long as it is within 7 days before your next billing period.

Part-Time and Full-Time Cancellations require one calendar month (30 calendar days) written notice to move out and should be sent via email to hello@sotogroup.co

It is also worth noting that discounts are available if you sign for six or twelve months’ membership. Ask our Community Staff about the discounts available for long term rental.  

We love animals, but we also need to be mindful of fellow members in the space. So pets are considered on a case by case basis and the following should be used as a guide to whether your pet would be suitable for the space:

  • Option for pets is only available to Permanent desk members
  • Pets must be house-broken.
  • We would need to have pets come in for a trial day to see how they are around other members.
  • An additional pet bond will be required ($250 refundable)
  • Your pet will need to stay by your desk, not roam the office. If you leave your desk / the property for more than 10 minutes, so must your pet
  • If a pet is being disruptive, noisy, or destructive in any way, staff can ask the member to remove the pet from the space.

If you are looking for shared office space in Perth for you and your pet, talk to our team about the options available. If approved you will be provided with a full set of pet rules upon sign up.

Community is at the heart of what we do here at Soto Co. We host a mix of events for members and like-minded folk on a regular basis, including:

  • Movers & Shakers Mondays (advisory sessions for members and the wider Perth community). Once a month, you can come into Soto Co for a free afternoon of co-working followed by a dedicated one-hour session (4 – 5pm) with our Business gurus, Matt & Arna, on hand to help navigate your business queries and answer your questions.
  • Member lunches and Friday arvo drinks. A great opportunity to celebrate the week, share successes and meet fellow members in a relaxed, fun setting.
  • Monthly Book Club taking place on the last Friday of every month, open to members and local book worms.
  • Evening sessions hosted by Soto Group Gurus and guest speakers. We run a range of intimate workshops covering key business trends, social & cultural topics, and larger workshop style weekend events.

Yes! We have referral options available for anyone who knows someone who might need a coworking space!

For Members - Our referral program rewards members with $20 referral credit on your account for every new member that signs up. There are no limits to the number of referral rewards a member may earn.

For Non-Members – We can offer $20 credit towards a membership package of your choice, credits to brand agency / website design projects with Soto Group or give you a $20 visa gift card!

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